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Through a hole in the floorboard.


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BA w/Secondary Teaching Certification - Tarleton State University, 2001
MAE - Texas Tech University, 2010
MFA - Louisiana Tech University, 2013
Art Director/Instructor (K-12) - Happy Hill Farm Academy - 2000-2010
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Professional Artist doing business in my personal studio - "Curly Tail Panther Studio"

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Through a hole in the floorboard.
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My father was a strong believer in the United States Constitution and all of his “”unalienable Rights”, specifically the part about “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. I grew up in middle class Texas where the culture welcomed a plethora of personal rights, like smoking cigarettes, eating fried chicken on Sundays, traveling “anywhere” in America and riding in cars without seat belts. My work revolves around certain truths and my experiences as a child. With my work I want to open a door into my personal narrative bringing all the wreckage that comes with it. My most personal feelings will be spelled out in the form of detail, surpassing substance in order for the viewer to experience the discourse. My sculptures, typically ceramic, tend to examine the corporeal and responsive connections associated with the object. It is my identity of self as I was pulled along through my father’s rights of happiness.

My work is currently featured in Cole Pratt Gallery, New Orleans, LA.
Materials & Techniques
Process is my driving force and currently the majority
of my work is hand built from high fire sculpture clay. My biggest tools are my slab roller, ruler, knives and slurry.

Texas Clay Arts Association 2014

Images in header (from left): Annie Foster, Karmien Bowman, Mimi Bardagjy

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