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Featured Artist:

Jamie Lea Wade

Congratulations to our July - August 2014 TCAA Featured Artist, Jamie Lea Wade.  Check out Jamie's online show. Then, learn more about Jamie in an interview  with Robin Gary.  The 2014 Featured Artist Series will feature a new artist every two months throughout 2014.

Image on right: Mother Coral & One of the Daughters, Jamie Lea Wade

2014 Six Pack Show

Coop Gallery
San Angelo, TX
April 10-13, 2014

Congratulations to this year's winners, selected by our 2014 juror, Laura Huckaby, San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Collections Manager.

1st Place - David J. Tarver
2nd Place - Ross High
3rd Place - Marcia Selsor

Honorable Mentions:
Myra Douglass, Mark Epstein, Wendy Gilbert, Pat Johnson, Yvonne Mendoza, Diana Synatzske

Images of the show coming soon...

2014 Participating Artists:

Esteban Apodaca, JoLea Arcidiacono, Jerry Austin, Andre Bally, Virginia Bally, Mimi Bardajay, Mary Becker, Mary Blazek, Ariel Bowman, Karmien Bowman, Molly Brauhn, Kim Carothers, Danville Chadbourne, Debra Chronister, Jo Clay, Myra Douglass, Mark Epstein, James Ferrante, Robin Gary, Wendy Gilbert, Linda Gossett, Maria Gould, Morghan Gray, Bridget Hauser, Gery Henderson, Tom Hicks, Ross High, Jeremiah Ibarra, Stan Irvin, Pat Johnson, Kris Jorgensen, Shikha Joshi, Kimberly Kau, Susan Kennedy, Chris Leonard, Billy Ray Mangham, Michelle Matthews, Margaret McMillan, Yvonne Mendoza, James Miller, Pat Moberley Moore, Dale Neese, Camille Noble, Kym Owens, Susan Page, Lenise Perez-Miller, Justin Perreault, Thomas Perry, Nathan Portnoy, Jennifer Quarles, Kevin Dean Ramler, Karin Reissnecker, Omar Sanchez, Diana Seidel, Marcia Selsor, Jimmy Don Snowden, Rachel Lee Stephens, Stephanie Sterling, Bob Swaffar, Diana Synatzske, David J. Tarver, Katherine Taylor, Beth Thomas, John Vela, Jamie Lea Wade, Jess Wade, Kathie Walker-Millar, Charles Wissinger, Fulden Sara Wissinger, Alex Wood

David J. Tarver, Green Cheese & Lunar Sushi, 1st Place

Ross High, Hope, 2nd Place

Marcia Selsor, Burnt Orange Foil Saggar Vessel, 3rd Place

Learn more about the annual Six Pack Show...

*Information for Participating Six Pack Show Artists*


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Images in header (from left): Annie Foster, Karmien Bowman, Mimi Bardagjy

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