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Six Pack Show 

2018 Awards

Our 2018 show was held at the Coop Gallery in San Angelo, April 20 - 22, in conjunction with the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art's National Ceramic Competition.  Randy Hall was our 2018 Six Pack Show juror.  Congratulations to this year's award winners!

1st Place: Danville Chadbourne "Small and Persistent Echo"

2nd Place: Katherine Taylor - "Two Feet"

3rd Place: Jennifer Hill - "Dusty Rose Bauble Vase"

Honorable Mention: Horacio Casillas - "Build a Well Not a Wall"

Honorable Mention: Myra Curvin Douglas - "Involuntary Defense Mechanism #27"

Honorable Mention: Robin Gary - "Sheepskates"

Honorable Mention: Kathi Herrin - "Blue Slate"

Honorable Mention: Paul McCoy "Diptych"

Honorable Mention: Lenise Perez-Miller- "Nap Time"

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Images in header (from left): Annie Foster, Karmien Bowman, Mimi Bardagjy

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